Welcome To Gas Girls. Located in Arthur Ontario we have been supplying premium gases for the best on tap drinks! Supplies, Service and Installation. We supply Aligal gases which are specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. Pure gas means pure clean pressurization of your beers, wines and soft drinks!


  • Gas Girls

    A clever pun as the name Gas Girls, highlights that a woman, Alissa Hoerdt owns and runs this company in a male oriented field. Centerally located in Arthur Ontario Canada.

  • Services

    Gas Girls offers a variety of services to it's customers including repair, pick up, drop off and hook up of gas cylinders in a large trading area of Central Ontario.

  • Companies

    Gas Girls shares it's building with two sister companies.
    Hort Manufacturing
    Jane's Welding Supplies

  • Community

    Supporting local Special Olympics programs as well as a strong involvement with local theraputic riding programs.